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Lights, Camera, Business: Hannah Rowswell’s Emmy-Winning Career in Production

Hannah Rowswell graduated from Algoma University in 2019, earning herself a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. As a Co-op student at Algoma U, Hannah gained experience working in project management and enjoyed being part of different projects overseeing them come together but she didn’t love how corporate most of her job environments were. It wasn’t until she took a film elective when she realized she could take the business skills she was learning in her degree to a more creative, artistic industry, like film and television. Since then, she has been gaining experience in both production and post-production settings, based in Canada and the United States. 

Hannah is currently working as an Associate Producer at Elastic, a production company based out of Santa Monica, California, where she oversees all aspects of a project, including scope, budget, schedule, and team management. “When Elastic is awarded a project, it gets handed to one of the producers who work closely with the director and the artists to ensure that all deliverables are completed within budget and schedule constraints to satisfy the client’s creative expectations. I make sure everything stays on track and act as a liaison between the client and internal team”, explains Hannah. 

Hannah received two Emmy wins at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles in January for Outstanding Main Title Design for HBO’s The Last of Us and Outstanding Emerging Media Program for Apple TV’s For All Mankind

When asked about how it felt to win two Emmys, Hannah said it was “So surreal! I never expected to win anything as big as an Emmy, but the team at Elastic is top tier and they create beautiful work. I am proud to be able to work alongside them.” 

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