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International Conference on Mental Health and Addictions

Location: Attend in person or virtually (remotely)

Algoma University – Brampton Campus
24 Queen St. East, 8 Queen St. East and 52 Queen St. East
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Description: The International Conference on Mental Health and Addictions would like to invite everyone to discuss and critically reflect on the impact of COVID-19 and explore how we can engage with different issues that individuals and communities are currently facing. Therefore, this conference opens diverse thoughts and opinions from scholars, educators, students, community organizers and community members who continue to be affected by the pandemic in unique and differentiated ways. Some of the areas that need to be revisited are relationships between mental health and addictions; effects of Covid-19 on community mental health; changes in pedagogy and how it impacted students and educators, intersectional mental health and substance use. Please submit a 150-250 word count abstract based on the following themes. 

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Apr 27 - 28 2023

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Present in Person or Online
Algoma University - Brampton Campus
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