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International Conference on Mental Health and Addictions

Present in Person or Online

Algoma University – Brampton Campus
24 Queen St. E. Suite 102/103
Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6V 1A3

Email your abstract to [email protected]
If you have a Google Account, you can also submit your abstract at https://forms.gle/6B9WAczTBC1kKurX8

The International Conference on Mental Health and Addictions would like to invite everyone to discuss and critically reflect on the impact of COVID-19 and explore how we can engage with different issues that individuals and communities are currently facing. This conference therefore opens diversities of thoughts and opinions from scholars, educators, students, community organizers and community members who continue to be affected by the pandemic in unique and differentiated ways. Some of the areas that need to be revisited are relationships between mental health and addictions; effects of Covid-19 on community mental health; changes in pedagogy and how it impacted students
and educators, intersectional mental health and substance use. If you are interested, please submit a 150-250 word count abstract based on the following themes.

1. Indigenous communities and knowledge systems on ways of healing and Indigenous social work
2. Black communities: “making mental health and healing black” or “blackening
mental health discourses”
3. Whiteness and psychiatric mental health technology
4. Practitioners and people who are affected by mental health and addictions
5. Socioeconomic status and mental health
6. African mental health and have a variety of perspectives
(e.g., community, academics, practitioners)
7. Forensic Mental Health
8. Mental Health and Technology – i.e. Virtualization of Care technologies
9. Substance use
10. Critical recovery model, care and healing
11. Solution based-approaches
12. Gaps in policies/interventions
13. Family support systems and caregivers
14. Violence, Mental Illness and Colonization
15. Indigenous ways of care
16. Land based mental health care
17. Spirituality and mental health
18. Queer and Trans issues regarding mental health and substance use
19. Mental Health and Disabilities
20. Mental Health and Madness
21. Criminalization of penal code and mental health
22. Mental Health in academic settings.
23. Psychiatrization of mental health
24. The economies of mental health discourse
25. Intersectionality – concurrent disorders – disability and mental health
26. Effects of COVID 19 in teaching and learning
27. Mental health and social determinants of health

• Scholarly paper presentations
• Conceptual talks, research Findings
• Student-authored paper presentations
• Panel discussions/presentation
• Experiential and interactive workshops
• Creative Contributions (e.g., storytelling, poetry, spoken word,song, dance, comedy)
• Poster sessions and art
• Networking sessions
• Virtual categories: Pre-recorded presentation or livestream

For more information or questions, please email [email protected]

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Apr 27 - 28 2023


Present in Person or Online
Algoma University - Brampton Campus


School of Social Work, Algoma University
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