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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

A Canadian location/landmark has been chosen. You will be provided 5 total clues, one clue on each of the following dates:

Clue 1 – April 3
Clue 2 – April 6
Clue 3 – April 7
Clue 4 – April 8
Clue 5 – April 9

Clues will be sent out on those dates at 10:00 am from [email protected]. Brianne is the ONLY person who knows the answer, so all are welcome to play! Clues will start out broad and get more specific; you are looking for a specific location/landmark of where the ‘virtual egg’ is located based on the clues provided. One guess, per employee, per day. Final guess must be in by midnight on April 13. Guesses are to be submitted through this google sheet. Guesses will be reviewed, all correct answers will be put in for a draw. Winner will win a meal voucher up to $100.00 for their household. Winner will be announced on April 14 at noon.


To register, email [email protected]



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Apr 07 2020


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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