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At Algoma University, each student has their own mission that is put in motion through academics, peer and faculty relationships, community engagement, and campus life. The individual missions of our students are an important part of what sets Algoma University’s mission apart – and brings us together.


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Algoma University student, Avleen
Avleen's Mission

My Mission: A career in law that tackles climate change.

As an Algoma U student studying in Brazil, I delved into Indigenous culture, international relations, and sustainability. Engaging with indigenous communities, workshops, and sustainable development projects, I integrated these experiences into coursework, exploring Indigenous knowledge, cultural diplomacy, and social justice intersecting with sustainability. Committed to cross-cultural understanding and sustainability, I aim to apply these lessons in international development, environmental advocacy, or intercultural education, bridging cultural gaps in line with Algoma U’s Special Mission’s values.

Algoma University Student, Himal
Himal's Mission

My Mission: Bring multi-cultural viewpoints to tech.

Throughout my academic journey, I’ve actively pursued opportunities to immerse myself in diverse cultures, both within and beyond the confines of my studies. Whether through collaborative research ventures, participation in multicultural experiences, or engagement in community events, my focus has always been on absorbing insights from varied perspectives. Embracing Algoma U’s Special Mission has significantly enriched my understanding and interaction with individuals from different backgrounds, a skill set that undoubtedly distinguishes me within the dynamic realm of the tech industry.

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Staying True to Algoma U's Special Mission

The individual missions of our students are an important part of what sets Algoma University’s mission apart - and brings us together.

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Algoma University student, Sophia, smiling
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