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Students at the Grace Court Presentations applauding the presenters.
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Algoma U Students Showcase Exceptional Marketing Strategies at Grace Court Presentations

Algoma University is proud to announce the successful completion of the Managing the Not-for-Profit Organization course, culminating in community projects and partnerships with the Grace Court Retirement Community. 

Throughout the winter semester, students were meticulously trained under the guidance of Professor Shahrukh Khan to develop and present innovative marketing campaigns tailored to Grace Court Retirement & Community Enterprise Inc.

Under the discerning eyes of a panel of esteemed judges, students showcased their strategic prowess and dedication to community impact. The presentations, meticulously crafted to resonate with the Grace Court community, exemplified the students’ deep understanding and commitment to addressing real-world needs.

The Grace Court Retirement & Community Enterprise Inc. board’s selection of several student presentations for implementation is a testament to the practicality and relevance of their recommendations. This decision underscores the significant impact of project-based community initiatives and Algoma U students’ work for the Grace Court community.

“I am immensely proud of the students’ achievements,” shared Faculty of Business and Economics Dean Dr. William Wei. “They have demonstrated academic excellence and a profound sense of empathy and insight into the needs of the Grace Court community. We are grateful to our esteemed guest judges Jeff Bowman, Dan Clark, Myrna Adams, Farhan Ahmed, Kanishika Nijhawan, and Shashank Kasinadhuni for their invaluable contributions to this initiative.”

The project saw students meticulously crafting consumer personas, developing impactful marketing campaigns, and fostering bonds within the community. Their efforts underscore the power of collaboration and determination in effecting positive change.

Algoma University is deeply committed to supporting the Brampton community through the expansion and increased access to education via project-based community initiatives. 
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