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Algoma University congratulates Wabano-McKay on SKG leadership appointment

 In response to the announcement by Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig (SKG) that Mary Wabano-McKay will be its next president, Algoma University President and Vice-chancellor Asima Vezina is sending heartfelt congratulations to both Wabano-McKay and SKG and celebrating the deepening of bonds between the two institutions.

Algoma University President and Vice-chancellor Asima Vezina

“On behalf of Algoma University, I want to share congratulations to both Mary Wabano-McKay and Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig. Mary is an outstanding choice to lead SKG as its next president. She will be deeply missed as Algoma University’s Vice-president Nyaagaaniid, Anishinaabe Initiatives, Equity and Student Success; however, we see the wonderful opportunities her leadership will bring as we continue to deepen our partnership with SKG. Algoma University and our community will be forever grateful for Mary’s contributions during her years at Algoma University, including leading the creation of the Algoma University EDI Strategy and Action Plan, overseeing the University’s launch of Makwa Waakaa’igan, and so much more. Mary is leaving Algoma University with a stronger foundation for decolonization, from which we will keep building.”

Algoma University Director of Makwa Waakaa’igan Joel Syrette

“Rooted in Anishinaabewendimaan and our cultural lifeways, Mary Wabano-McKay is a leader who has embodied the true spirit of Algoma U’s Special Mission. Through Mary’s leadership as our first Vice-president Niiyaaganiid, the Algoma University community has benefited immensely from Mary’s support of cross-cultural learning, Anishinaabe gikendaasowin, and Anishinaabe empowerment. These contributions have inspired, and will continue to inspire, generations of students, faculty, and staff at Algoma University. As a leader, Mary has grounded Algoma University’s work in Indigenization by reminding us all that ‘Indigenous Peoples are the collective authority of Indigenous Knowledges.’ This way of thinking has had an important impact on the institution’s strategic direction, supporting the Special Mission and its connection to the Seven Grandfather Teachings, as handed down through the work of Bawdwaywidung Binesiaban—the late Dr. Edward Benton-Banai. As Mary sets out on a new path of leadership for Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, she will continue to ground our collective work in mutual respect and in the spirit of the Wampum shared between our sister institutions. This will enable our institutions to collaborate more effectively, supporting our shared goals and futures through joint programs, joint research, and Algoma University’s continued support for Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig and the collective work.”

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