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National Indigenous Peoples Day

Each year on June 21st, National Indigenous Peoples Day activities are held across Turtle Island to raise awareness and celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of Indigenous peoples. I encourage everyone who is able to take part in National Indigenous Day/Indigenous History Month virtual activities that have been organized by our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, SASA and SKG. 

Last week, many of us were fortunate to attend Exploring Racism Towards Indigenous Peoples”. Thank you to SASA, our EDI Committee and SKG for working together to make this happen; and a huge thank you to Ted Nolan who is an outstanding leader and mentor for so many. His words provide hope and inspiration to us all. Click the link above to view the video recording and Ted”s powerful message. 

Over the past six months, a team of representatives from across the University has guided us to a renewal of Algoma University’s commitments to the TRC’s Calls to Action. The interactive booklet, “Honouring our Commitment” outlining the next phase of our response will be shared publicly on Thursday, June 24th, following a meeting of the Algoma University Board of Governors. I encourage everyone to take some time to review and consider how they can best support the actions outlined within the document when it is released. Miigwetch to all who have contributed. 

On Wednesday, the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association (CSAA) have asked the various partners on the Shingwauk site to come together in ceremony to begin the work on the actions outlined in our shared statement from June 1st. It is incumbent upon us to do this work, alongside others who oversee portions of the Shingwauk site, and we will continue to move

forward in a culturally respectful and responsible way. A project team will be organized under the leadership of Jay Jones, CSAA President, to lead us forward in a good way. This process will be very transparent and inclusive. Look for more information to come over the next several weeks. 

In the interim, today is a celebration. We look forward to participating in the many virtual events coordinated to honour this significant day and month. 

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