Needs Based Programs

There are several scholarship, bursary and award programs offered through the Financial Aid Office.

Academic Achievement Award for OSAP Recipients

This scholarship program awards returning students demonstrating academic achievement in their previous OSAP funded year. To qualify, students must be accessing full-time OSAP funding to help with the cost of postsecondary studies. Other eligibility criteria apply.

How to apply

Students must complete their OSAP application and register by the deadline before late fees for returning students to be considered. Your eligibility for this award will be based on your academic achievement from the previous OSAP funded year as well as your current unmet financial need. The Financial Aid Office will review student’s eligibility and issue awards automatically to those that qualify (budget permitting). If eligible, you will be notified and receive your award prior to the start of your current study term. To qualify, at minimum your average for all OSAP funded courses in the previous year must be above 80%. Please note that students enrolled full time in the Spring term may also receive this scholarship.

Bursary for Current and Former Youth in Care

The Exceptional Expense Bursary can also provide up to 100% in tuition coverage through a non-repayable bursary for students that are currently in or are former youth in care through Ontario’s Extended Society Care program. A letter from the Children’s Aid Society will be required as a part of the application. This bursary can be renewed each year for a maximum of three additional years.

Deadline: Ongoing Consideration

Action: Exceptional Expense Bursary application and Financial Needs Assessment required

Value: Based on unmet financial need, up to 100% of tuition costs

e-Sports Scholarship

This scholarship provides $1,000 awards to 25 eligible students that are studying at Algoma University in the 2023-24 Fall/Winter Academic Year in either the BBA with an eSports specialization or a Computer Science program with a gaming-related specialization that may lead to a career in video gaming and/or e-Sports. The scholarships will be awarded based on merit and financial need. 

How to apply:

Students must complete their scholarship application by October 31, 2023. As a part of applying, students are required to complete the 23-24 Financial Needs Assessment Form. Both forms can be accessed on the Student Portal within the Financial section. The Financial Aid & Awards Office will review applications and issue awards to those that qualify on a competitive basis. This Scholarship is non-renewable.

Eligibility Considerations:

  • Be studying full-time or part-time at Algoma University during the 2023-24 September to April academic year
  • Be a domestic student (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident of Canada, or Protected Person of Canada)
  • Must demonstrate a financial need (using the 2023-24 Financial Needs Assessment form)
  • Must demonstrate academic achievement (minimum 75%)
  • If you are in your first year your academic achievement will be assessed based on your grades presented for admissions
  • Must be enrolled in a program that may lead to a career in video gaming and/or eSports (e.g. BBA eSports specialization, BCOSC.CGT, BCOSC.CGT.CA)
  • Demonstrated interest in the video-gaming and/or eSports industry (e.g. participates in an eSports league, developed video-gaming products, worked/volunteered in the video-gaming industry, conducted research about the topic, etc.)
  • Award will be considered as a resource on the OSAP assessment and could reduce the amount of funding you are entitled to
Exceptional Expense Bursary

This bursary provides students with additional funding for costs not covered through any other source, such as the costs of taking a sixth course in a term when OSAP only funds five. This program can also help with medical or disability related costs not funded through other programs.

Deadline: Ongoing Consideration

Action: Application and Financial Needs Assessment required

Value: Varies

Financial Aid Bursary

Students can apply for the Financial Aid Bursary using the online application forms when they are posted during the open periods listed below. All bursary applications are available in the Fall only. Students studying in the Fall semester only, or  Fall and Winter semesters may apply. Availability and bursary amounts are subject to change.

  • Application opens: October 1
  • Application deadline: October 31

To apply for a Financial Aid Bursary, you will need to be logged into your Algoma U email account and logged out of any other Gmail account.

Indigenous Student Bursary

The Indigenous Student Bursary provides aid to Indigenous students that are residents of Ontario and demonstrate financial need. The value of this bursary depends on financial need and number of eligible applicants. Prior to applying for this bursary students are expected to exhaust all other financial means for funding their education, including savings, work income, family support, government income, and other as appropriate.

Deadline: October 31

Action: Application and Financial Needs Assessment required

Value: Varies

Ontario First Generation Bursary

The Ontario First Generation Bursary provides financial assistance in the form of a bursary to Ontario students that are the first generation in their family to participate in postsecondary studies. Depending on the volume of eligible applicants, first consideration for this award may be given to students that are attending postsecondary in their first degree, diploma, certificate or program. Students must be attending full time, be in good academic and financial standing with OSAP and the school, and have an unmet educationally related financial need.

Deadline: October 31

Action: Application and Financial Needs Assessment required

Value: Varies

Algoma U Special Bursary Program

The Special Bursary Program offers financial assistance to students studying part-time at the post-secondary level for the first time, students wanting to pursue academic upgrading on a full or part-time basis to advance their employment-related skills, or for students in the ESL program. Assisting students from families that rely on provincial social assistance or Ontario Disability Support Program is a priority of this program. Students receiving aid through this program cannot be receiving financial aid assistance through OSAP or other bursary funding (except BSWD funding). The bursary will first be applied to any balance owing on the student’s account with Algoma University. Specific eligibility criteria is listed on the Special Bursary Program info sheet (PDF).

  • Fall or Fall/Winter studies deadline: July 12
  • Winter only deadline: November 15
  • Spring deadline: March 31

How to apply 

Complete your application and upload all required supporting documentation to the form by the deadline. The following is a list of eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person of Canada;
  • Must be studying on a part-time basis (59% course load or less) toward first degree, diploma, or certificate (exceptions apply), or taking academic upgrading such as English as a Second Language;
  • Course(s) must be a minimum of 4 weeks in duration;
  • Course(s) must have defined start and end dates;
  • Total family income must fall within income limit threshold, or 50% or more of family income must be derived from Social Assistance;
  • Application must be received by the Financial Aid Office by the deadline;
  • Must be in good academic and financial standing with Algoma University;
  • Funding is non-repayable; however successful course completion is required to be eligible for continued funding; and
  • Cannot receive Special Bursary and OSAP or other financial aid assistance for their studies at the same time (except BSWD funding).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply for bursaries?

All applications are online and accessible through the Student Portal within the Financial area.

Can I apply after the deadline date?

For programs with posted deadlines, the application dates are firm. The Financial Aid Office offers several bursaries that provide ongoing consideration such as the Emergency Bursary. Applications for ongoing programs will continue to be considered while funding remains.

Can international students apply for bursaries?

Certain bursary programs are also available for international students. If the bursary is available for international students it will indicate this within the eligibility criteria. 

What is a Financial Needs Assessment?

A Financial Needs Assessment form must be filled out by any student requesting bursary or work study assistance. It is a budget form where you will list your resources and expenses for the academic year. A new Financial Needs Assessment is required each year.