School of Business & Economic FAQs

Last updated: June 2nd, 2020

The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from prospective and current students. If you’re unable to find an answer, please contact us at

At Algoma University, students have the right to file a grade appeal.  The procedure can be found by clicking here. 

These are the stages for the appeal:

  1. The first thing you must do is contact your professor within 15 days after receiving your final mark to try to find a solution
  2. If you cannot find a solution with your professor then you can contact the Divisional/Faculty Chair – Dr. Aaron Gordon at and begin Stage Two
  3. If you do not find a solution in Stage Two then you can move to Stage Three (for instructions please refer to the link above)

The University takes a very serious view of such offences as plagiarism, cheating, and impersonation.

Penalties for dealing with such offences will be strictly enforced and can range from failing the work in question or the course to being expelled from the program. The instructor reserves the right to assign a final grade of F for these types of infractions. The following website contains a complete policy statement on academic dishonesty and attendance. Students are encouraged to read the Disciplinary Regulation on Academic Dishonesty and other policies, students are held accountable for. Click here 

Policies can also be reviewed in Chapter 3 of the Algoma University’s Academic Calendar.


  • Synchronous courses are LIVE, and you will attend these sessions at a prescribed time on your timetable. You are expected to report to the course as scheduled.
  • Asynchronous courses are ones in which the coursework and lectures for the course will be uploaded for you to review and complete on your own schedule. These courses do not have prescribed class time and will not appear on your timetable. Faculty will outline deadlines and due dates in your syllabi. These courses will not appear on your timetable but will appear on your Academic Summary.

The style of learning will differ based on each course and faculty member.  You will be informed if your course will contain synchronous learning sessions.  

Certificate and Degree students will have the opportunity to replace one of their electives with the internship course (ADMN 1456/ ADMN 3456). These courses are designed to provide students with:

  • opportunities to develop hands-on practical skills linked to their academic learning with a community partner. 
  • Challenge students to reflect on real-world work experience and its link to academic learning. 
  • opportunity for students to build connections with networks that may lead to future employment. 
  • Expose students to the rapidly evolving labour market to aid in career exploration. 


Eligibility Requirements

20SP ADMN1456 LEC 3cr.  Graduate Certificate Internship

A minimum overall average of 70% or above or permission of the School of Business and 

Economics or permission of the School of Business and Economics. 

20SP ADMN3456 LEC 3 cr.  Business Administration Internship

Completion of the first two years of the Business Administration program with a minimum overall average of 70% or above or permission of the School of Business and Economics. 

Co-operative Education, or Co-op, is designed to integrate undergraduate academic studies with paid work experience. It provides students with meaningful, paid work experience, networking capabilities, and helps build and develop students’ competences and skill sets.

Algoma University’s Co-operative Education Program follows the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education model of paid work terms, allowing students career exploration and experience in areas of career interest, while academic terms build a solid foundation of theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the area of study.

For more information about the Co-op program. Click here

All courses scheduled for the semester can be found by clicking here.

It is your responsibility to check your student portal to view the courses that you are currently registered in. You can view these courses through your online portal at under the Academic Summary tab. Only courses that have a designated time will appear on your timetable with an assigned time, otherwise, the course will not be shown ( For example, if you are registered for 5 courses, only 3 may appear on your timetable).

Students can be directed to the Algoma U Bookstore. The bookstore lists the textbooks required for each course even if they are not available for purchase.  

Book Store Link: Click Here 

Please pay and apply for a Confirmation of Enrolment by clicking here:

Please note that due to the high volume of requests at this time, the processing time is two weeks. 


Please apply for your transcripts at the following link: Click Here

Please note that due to the high volume of requests at this time, the processing time is two weeks. 

There is a new link in the student portal called Learning Management Systems, you will need to click on D2L (Brightspace) to access those courses. You should have received an email yesterday May 29th to set your password, you will need to do this before accessing the courses.

If you are having troubles please refer to the “Remote/Online Learning Access and Support” page (click here) or contact the IT helpdesk at (click here)