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Trailblazing Excellence: The Journey of Quazance Boissoneau – Bridging Academia, Athletics, and Indigenous Advocacy

Alumni Profile: Quazance Boissoneau (BBA Human Resources / Public Administration ‘12)

Quazance Boissoneau

Quazance Boissoneau is a dynamic professional whose journey in academia and community engagement reflects a commitment to excellence and equity. Originally from Garden River First Nation, she graduated from Algoma University in 2012 with a degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resources and Public Administration. Quazance’s path has been marked by a blend of academic pursuits, athletic achievements, and a steadfast dedication to Indigenous advocacy.

During her time at Algoma, Quazance balanced a rigorous academic schedule with extracurricular involvement, including varsity basketball and campus leadership roles. Recognizing the importance of cultural immersion, she actively participated in Anishinawbemowin classes and political science courses that embraced Indigenous perspectives. Quazance’s involvement extended beyond academics; she played an integral role in the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) and contributed as a student representative for Algoma’s bid to join the Ontario Colleges Athletics Association (OCAA).

Noteworthy among her achievements was a transformative study abroad experience in Ecuador, where she delved into sustainable community-based economic development in the cloud forests. Her academic journey continued with postgraduate studies at George Brown College and Carleton University, culminating in expertise in Sports and Event Marketing and Indigenous Public Policy and Governance, respectively.

Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Management at Toronto Metropolitan University, Quazance’s educational pursuits reflect her commitment to continuous growth and leadership in her field. As the Manager, Indigenous Education & Engagement at Humber College, she leverages her expertise to foster equity and support for Indigenous learners. Her impactful initiatives, including streamlining residence applications and spearheading the introduction of the first Indigenous rugby jersey in the OCAA, demonstrate her dedication to inclusive education.

Quazance’s influence extends beyond the academic realm. Her participation in global forums such as the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics Congress underscores her role as an advocate for Indigenous education and skills development. Additionally, her involvement in various boards and committees, including Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment & Training and MLSE Change the Game Advisory Committee, exemplifies her commitment to effecting meaningful change.

Outside academia and advocacy, Quazance maintains a passion for basketball. Her participation in the Master’s Indigenous Games and involvement with the Raptors organization showcase her ongoing athletic achievements and commitment to community engagement. Her selection for the Air Canada Fan Flight and involvement in delivering basketball clinics highlight her dedication to giving back to her community and inspiring future generations.

Quazance Boissoneau’s multifaceted journey embodies resilience, leadership, and a profound commitment to advancing Indigenous education and representation in both academic and athletic spheres. Her continued impact serves as an inspiration to her alma mater and the broader community alike.

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