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Staying Connected

Together, we can flatten the curve without having to compromise our wellbeing. 

We understand that the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak can exacerbate stress and feelings of loneliness. It’s important to our health, well-being and stress levels that we don’t confuse the necessary physical distancing with social isolation. Thanks to technology, there are many ways that the campus community can stay connected and support one another during social isolation. On this page, you will find unique and innovative suggestions on how to stay busy and healthy while doing your part to help contain the virus.

Algoma University COVID-19 Updates

Student Health Services

Be sure to follow our social media @algomau, @AUSU82, and our Youtube channel for updates on ways to virtually spend time together and support one another.

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GLC Home Workouts

During the current closure due to Covid-19 the GLC will now be offering online classes using the Zoom app which is available to download in your smart phone’s app store.

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Algoma University Youtube Account

We are sharing videos from across our campus communities on what we are doing during COVID-19.  Have a video you want to share? Email [email protected].

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ALGOMA U Spotify Playlist: AU Connected

Share a song that makes you really happy on our collaborative playlist 

Step 1: Add AU Connected to your Library

Step 2: Search a song that makes you happy

Step 3: Add that song to our collaborative playlist

*Only works in the Spotify App

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The Res Life team is working on a schedule of activities to help us stay connected. Previous events included Pictionary, a virtual workout, and a movie night. In the coming weeks, they will be opening Residence Life events to all students, and we want to hear from you! Tell us what activities you would be interested in participating in by completing the following form.

Other activities to do at home

Students, staff and faculty have put together a list of ways to keep yourself busy and take care of your wellbeing during isolation. Did we miss a great idea? To add ideas to the list, please email [email protected].

  • Virtual yoga classes 
  • Learn a Tik Tok dance 
  • Learn a New Skill SkillShare
  • Listen to a podcast 
  • Start a craft project
  • Read a new book (maybe even start a virtual book club)
  • Enjoy the sunshine 
  • Keep a routine 
  • Indoor obstacle course
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Call/FaceTime a friend (don’t just text!)
  • Walk outside and take photos of the beautiful Spring in Canada! (make sure to post on social media and tag @algomau and @AUSU so we can share)
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Algoma University Radio

This exciting new student-ran initiative is looking for local musicians, artists, storytellers, comedians, academia, subject experts, opinion bloggers and more. They will participate in interviews and discussions, and showcase their talents and knowledge in recorded studio sessions. The podcast content will feature an array of topics including local and global economics, business, politics, STEM, social justice, entertainment, music, arts and culture!

To get involved, please contact Andre directly at [email protected] or email us at [email protected]

Share your Covid19 resilience photos!

Algoma University faculty, staff, admin and students are resilient. Help us document our endeavour for present and future memory; so we never forget what we accomplished, and to keep us connected and appreciative of each other and of our mission.

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LinkedIn Learning

All Algoma U students have access to thousands of courses through LinkedIn Learning. Plus, each course you take will be listed on your LinkedIn profile! To access this excellent resource, go to your Student Portal and do the following:

1. Under “Links” select “LinkedIn Learning”.
2. Include your Algoma U email and password (you may be asked for your LinkedIn password as well).
3. Start Learning!

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Free Podcasted Lectures in Psychology

Faculty member Dave Brodbeck is offering tons of free podcasted lectures in psychology. Everything from courses on memory, intro to neuroscience, stats, animal behaviour, evo psych, animal cognition, history of psych etc. 


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International Student Hangouts

Join our International Student Hangouts every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 11 AM. You can join via Hangout Meets or by phone (‪+1 304-934-3090‬  PIN: ‪733 719 562‬#)



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Virtual Tea Time

We would like to thank the Grammas and Grampas of CSAA, for their kind contribution of time on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays during the month of April, to share in a virtual “tea time”,  available to visit with whoever participates. Please email
[email protected] to join! Photo Credit: Mette-Nielsen

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Let’s use our languages

Is English your second language? Would you like to receive language support for some of the questions related to COVID-19?

The International Affairs Department, led by the Dean’s Office, has launched a short term initiative called “Let’s use our languages” to support our international students during this difficult time. We know that our university is fortunate to have both linguistic and cultural diversity on campus, so why not use our linguistic talent to support our students!


If you are interested in assisting our international students in their own language, please fill out this form and I will work to connect you with students who have expressed interest in using this support service.


If you are interested in using this language support, please fill this form out and we’ll connect you with one of our volunteers.


Please contact Eunjung Riauka, Coordinator, Global Engagement & Mobility; Internationalization Lead at [email protected] Portal Project

Too often, we are exposed to misleading information. Ryerson's Social Media Lab developed a tool to (1) put a spotlight on COVID-19 related misinformation and (2) provide Canadians with timely and actionable information that we all can use to protect ourselves and our communities.


Sault Ste. Marie Campus ​- Students in need can access Food Pantry items on campus in two locations. AUSU continues to operate their food pantry beside the security desk in the Main Building for students off-campus. Students on campus can access the new temporary satellite location in the Housing Office. AUSU, Algoma University, and Harvest Algoma are working together to keep these locations stocked. For anyone looking to donate food items, please contact Dave Trudelle at ​[email protected]​.




Sault Ste. Marie Campus

Students living in Sault Ste. Marie are encouraged to check out this ​resource​ for food options.


Timmins Campus

Timmins Students can access a listing of Food Bank resources here.

Brampton Campus

Brampton students can access a listing of Food Bank resources at the following links:

A Dose of Medicine

A message from our Chancellor, Shirley Horn

I suggest that we begin to reframe COVID-19 from a crisis into an opportunity; consider that in a little while from now, we will say, “wow”- I am glad we came out of this. When we are thinking about opportunities versus crisis, we know we can ignite a spark within ourselves.

I urge all of you to think about COVID in this way: what has this situation done for us as people? It has taken many of us back to the basics- we have to look after ourselves. This is an exceptional opportunity for people to get closer to their families, and to pay attention to how they are living their lives. People need to focus on their personal well being and consider the impact this pandemic has had on those around them. We need to come together and do something spectacular to rise out of this.

Let’s take this opportunity to get in touch with ourselves, learn about ourselves, each other, our family, our country, and our world. I look forward to what will come from this. What will we do to change our habits? How can we help to clean up those places that are clogging our brains.

Survival is an attitude. How are you going to handle this? Will you let it overrun you? I say, turn the plate over. There is always another side – obstacles versus opportunities. Trust me, there will be many opportunities. That is my life in those few words. I can remember always doing that; turning the plate over and finding the opportunity. It’s a gift that I was given from the Creator. It makes me emotional thinking that as I think of the challenges that I have overcome; this ability to turn obstacles into opportunities is a great gift; a wonderful gift. We can all have this gift if we focus on moving forward in a positive direction. This is how we serve each other, how we serve humanity; looking for the gift of goodness […] the goodness that will last. The human race needs that. Every so often, through history, we live through crisis. We always manage to get through these; hopefully a richer mindset for the planet, for the community, for ourselves, for humanity […] that’s what I see.

To view video messages from our gramma’s and grampa’s, please view our Taking Care of Each other During COVID-19 playlist on Youtube.

Shirley Horn

Shirley Horn



This page contains information for Brampton students regarding the University’s responses and actions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).


This page contains information for Sault Ste. Marie students regarding the University’s responses and actions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).


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This page contains information for international students regarding the University’s responses and actions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).